Entry Permit

"Entry Permit" is a mobile solution designed for hassle-free vehicle access. It offers temporary and permanent entry permits. Users can request permits by providing vehicle details in advance.
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Our client required a comprehensive OutSystems-based mobile app for entry permits. Key features included permit creation, duration management, PDF generation, QR/Bar code integration, renewals, notifications, and Google Maps integration.

Proposed Solutions

Front-end developed on OutSystems:

  1. Dashboard: Manage personal and visitor permits, renew expired permissions.
  2. Personal Permit Requests: View requested personal permits with pagination and search filters.
  3. New Personal Permit: Request new personal permits with document uploads.
  4. Personal Permit Detail: Review permit details and delete requests if needed.
  5. Visitor Permit Requests: Access requested visitor permits with filters.
  6. New Visitor Permit: Request new visitor permits with document uploads.
  7. Visitor Permit Detail: Review and delete requested visitor permits.

Tools Used:OutSystems, REST API


  • Efficiency: Swift permit creation, renewal, and management.
  • Digitalization: Paperless process with PDF and QR code integration.
  • User-Friendly: Intuitive interface for easy permit requests and management.
  • Data Management: Comprehensive permit details available for better tracking.
  • Convenience: Google Maps integration for accurate location details.
  • Notifications: Timely alerts for permit updates.

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