An uprise in complexity, cost, and scarcity of skilful developer personnel necessitates a radical solution to serve the need of the hour. Smart technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be leveraged to revitalize outdated systems by using minimal coding. Low-Code digital transformation can be a game-changing alternative for its innovative approach towards application remodelling

Evolution of the digital world in today’s dynamic market

Gartner forecasts rapid utilization of Low-Code software development to witness a surge in market trends to $26.9 billion towards the end of 2023.
Gartner has predicted an investment in innovation substantiating hyper-automation software development to rise to $720 billion in 2023.
According to Forrester's predictions, overall investments in Low-Code solutions are estimated to reach $21.2 billion by 2023, with a CAGR of 40%. 

How does Low-Codemake an impact in business?

Low-Code for business - novigo solutions
Promotion of diverse and eclectic entrepreneurial skill set.
Due to the ease of developing and testing ideas for business ventures, Low-Code software development has rendered the entry of novel, creative entrepreneurs into diverse markets.
Seamless automation and collaboration between technical and non-technical personnel.
Low-Code software development integrates developers and non-developers to collaborate and work efficiently as a team resulting in accelerated employee productivity.
Regulatory requirements met through robust, compliant systems.
Ever-changing global and domestic regulatory policies warrant governance. Low-Code business solutions enables regulation that is in line with current business demands.
Enhanced customer experience by catering to personalised customer data.
With the aid of a systematic process, Low-Code software development helps build high-performing applications that prioritize customer-centric challenges and preferences, promoting satisfactory customer experience.
Substitute outdated technology/systems for contemporary high-speed applications.
Legacy systems stand to be upgraded for dynamic operational requirements like agile architecture, intensive productivity, superior quality etc. with Low-Code applications.
Soaring prices swapped for simplified, cost-effective applications.
Low-Code solutions eliminates the need for scarce, highly skilled technical personnel to develop and maintain business applications.

Why choose Novigofor Low-Code?

Rich experience in implementing Low-Code for various industries including Corporates, SMEs, and Government sectors.
Wide exposure across multiple domains and industries.
Experience working with latest technologies in the market.
Work with solution experts to create solution roadmap for the clients.
Successfully delivered several end-to-end application development
projects to multiple clients.

Our Platforms

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Providing a secure platform to expedite the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), OutSystems enables exceptional development of integral applications. As a result of trailblazing visual tools coupled with customised Low-Code scripting, elevate your customer and business requirements.
Maestro block - novigo solutions
Manual processes can now be easily automated with the power of Nintex. Unmanageable workload due to a rise in personnel worldwide has become a pressing challenge. Companies are given more flexibility to assign and prioritize tasks as per urgency and importance. With Nintex, manage and optimize business operations with the utmost freedom and elevated results.
Maestro block - novigo solutions
Welcome to the future of low-code innovation. We are a leading global Maestro Blocks consulting partner, dedicated to helping organizations worldwide unlock the true potential of Low-Code app development. Our team of experts is passionate about driving innovation, accelerating digital transformation, and delivering exceptional results.

Our Offerings

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Maximize the value of OutSystems with our comprehensive consulting services, offering insights, recommendations, and practical expertise to help you make informed decisions and achieve your business goals.
Novigo Solutions - Low Code Development


Unlock the full potential of OutSystems with our comprehensive licensing solutions, tailored to meet your unique needs and empower your digital transformation journey.
Novigo Solutions - Low Code Development


Partner with our experienced team to implement OutSystems and transform your ideas into reality, leveraging the power of this low-code platform to rapidly build and deploy modern applications.
Novigo Solutions - Low Code Development

POC and ROI Analysis

Leverage our expertise in conducting OutSystems Proof of Concept (POC) and Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis, and gain valuable insights into the benefits, feasibility, and potential ROI of implementing OutSystems in your organization.
Novigo Solutions - Low Code Development

Infrastructure Setup

Getup and run quickly with OutSystems. Our expert infrastructure team can set up and support your environment so you can start building great apps in no time.

Case Studies and Accelerators

Tools and strategies modern teams need to help their companies grow.
Risk Assessment & Eligibility Engine

Risk Assessment & Eligibility Engine

Transforming banking with a versatile Risk Assessment Engine, enabling precise credit evaluations & eligibility checks.
Multi-Level Approval System

Multi-Level Approval System

Enhanced approval system enables flexible multi-level risk assessment approvals with role hierarchy & status tracking for finance.
Cash Financing

Cash Financing

A friction-less digital service for a financial institution to provide instant loans through an easy-to-use mobile application.

Our Clients


Revolutionizing Development: Client Testimonials on the Power of Low-Code Design


How are security issues managed by vendors?
Security is key when it comes to digitalisation of customer and business requirements. With the advent of numerous businesses, security breaches are considered a looming threat. Following are some of the steps taken to ensure non-breach of data privacy using Low-Code software development: Restrict credential privileges to avoid misuse of access. Exercise data masking or encryption for averting customer data leakage and exploitation. Educate personnel on potential data risks and threats. Select the appropriate service provider that offers effective control measures and security assurance.
Does Low-Code reduce application testing?
Post the development phase of an application, testing it to ensure compatibility, bug fixes, mobile or tablet usage etc. is crucial for any business. With Low-Code app development using pre-tested templates and codes, testing time is considerably reduced to facilitate focus on execution of the application such as selecting the preferred template, features and customizing the user experience.
What is the average cost for a vendor platform?
Although Low-Code app development comprises cost-effective prices, it is wise to perform a background check on shortlisted vendors for any additional or hidden fees or charges such as maintenance, distribution etc. Depending on business-tailored needs, services offered by the vendor platform such as the drag-and-drop feature, data security, agile architecture etc. must take precedence during final selection.
Can a non-technical person use Low-Code for business purposes?
Low-Code business solutions uses non-complex technology that doesn’t require prior technical experience or knowledge. This in turn allows users to select Low-Code tools relevant to their specific business needs. Moreover, developers are given a chance to collaborate with non-technical personnel to enhance and integrate employee productivity levels.
What is Low-Code and its role in the digital world?
Low-Code is a software development that employs visual aids to eliminate dependency on technical expertise for business streamlining projects. With minimal coding experience, non-developers are assisted in developing applications that cater to customer requirements and business solutions. By creating customised user experience, Low-Code enables agile and transformative processes to take centre stage in increased business productivity and customer engagement.

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