Process management, automation, and optimization – Nintex in a nutshell. A company can attain minimization of man-hours, augmented productivity, and a reduction in operational risks using Nintex software. Since companies need to combat challenges around a large workforce including employees, suppliers and stakeholders, effective planning is imperative.The process of feasible planning involves having a strong sense of what you want to do, your capacity in doing it and arranging the required tools for execution. With Nintex’s Low-Code platform, process workflows function through a point-and-click interface and a cloud-based service that is accessible from any device and location.

According to McKinsey, automation may boost global productivity growth by 0.8-1.4% every year.
According to Expert Market Research, the worldwide process automation industry will be worth almost USD 167.2 billion in 2020. The market is estimated to increase at a 6.6% CAGR between 2023 and 2028.
According to an Accenture survey, using AI to automate or enhance operations would result in considerable profit increases across a wide range of businesses by 2035.
Zapier has predicted 94% of workers say they perform repetitive, time-consuming tasks in their role.

How does Nintex create an impact on your business?

Facilitating seamless automation of businesses, Nintex provides the following:
Easy integration with systems such as Adobe Sign, Salesforce, and Microsoft.
Mapping, monitoring, and refinement of business processes.
Automation of business workflow tasks such as inventory management, leave requests, employee recruitment, sales orders etc.
Generation of intelligent forms like employee onboarding forms, customer feedback forms, employee surveys, order forms etc.
Computerization of sales processes from generating leads to contract signing.
Creating business documents such as proposals, invoices, income statements, non-disclosure agreements etc.

Why Nintex is the optimal choice for your business?

Streamline business processes

Timely application design and development

No additional hardware or software needed

User-friendly platform

Customer-tailored needs

Regulated compliance

Enhanced accuracy

Products offered by Nintex

Nintex Analytics
Actionable business process analytics
Explore your data and find actionable insights with Nintex Analytics process intelligence software. Monitor workflow performance, discover data-driven trends, and transform your business processes with our integrated analytics tools.
Nintex Connectors
Unrivalled business process integration
Nintex Connectors integrate your business apps within your automated workflows. Integration is as simple as dragging a built-in connector into the Nintex designer canvas. Nintex Connectors cover the popular apps you use every day, and our Xtensions® framework lets you build and customize your own connector.
Nintex Mobile
Keep work moving with Nintex Mobile
Using Nintex Mobile, workers can receive notifications from their mobile app, fill out and submit forms, review, and approve documents, and keep business processes running efficiently—from anywhere, on any device. With mobile workflow management, there are no boundaries to productivity.
Nintex DocGen
Document Generation
Don’t let the manual creation of critical documents like contracts, work orders, and invoices slow down your business. Equip teams with Nintex DocGen® to instantly build and share documents with just a few clicks from directly within Salesforce or Office 365. No more cutting and pasting, no more errors. Deliver precise and compliant documents the first time, every time.
Nintex AssureSign
End the paper chase with eSignatures
Nintex AssureSign is optimized to work across industries, geographies, & high-volume use cases. We optimize what happens before, during & after the eSign event – helping you automate all your business-critical processes. Nintex AssureSign meets security & privacy industry standards, provides custom-branding experiences, and is cost effective – all without overage penalties that you would incur with other providers.
Nintex RPA
Robotic Process Automation
Using Nintex RPA, enterprises can leverage trained bots to automate routine tasks quickly & cost-effectively without the use of code in an easy-to-use drag & drop interface. Users are now equipped with a comprehensive, enterprise-grade process management & automation solution that streamlines processes fueled by both structured & unstructured data sources.
Nintex K2 Cloud & Nintex K2 Five
Powerful low-code process automation with K2 Software
Nintex K2 Cloud and Nintex K2 Five: Powerful low-code process automation with K2 Software.
Nintex Form
Automated enterprise forms solutions
With Nintex Forms, you can create dynamic online forms to capture and submit accurate and current data from wherever you are. Our user-friendly design canvas, drag-and-drop controls, and advanced business logic make it easy to customize your forms for every business need.
Nintex Workflow Cloud
Complex workflows, simplified
Leverage powerful and easy-to-use workflow automation software to streamline the processes that make up the core of your business. Ensure every task advances to the next stage of the process to make sure your enterprise runs more efficiently.
Nintex Promapp
Complete business process mapping
Establish total visibility and control over your enterprise processes with Nintex Promapp®. Use visual process mapping software to encourage company-wide collaboration, increase accountability, and improve your processes—all with one easy-to-use platform.
At Novigo, companies can leverage the power of Low-Code platforms such as Nintex and K2 to integrate business processes, overcome organizational roadblocks, reduce operational risks through effective monitoring and adherence to compliance rules and regulations. With easy deployment of cloud-based services that don’t revolve around complex coding, companies can foster better customer relationships and increased profits with just a click of a button. We are proud to be recognized as a Nintex Premier Partner and strive to work towards advanced technologies and solutions that support and reengineer digitalization.

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