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An impressive customer service is what sustains existing consumers and attracts new ones. High-value products and services build reliability amongst customers. This is when businesses establish a loyal consumer base. The support provided during the purchase stage is as important during the after-sales. Ranging from well-established organizations to small-scale ones, a persuasive and dedicated customer service team assists in personalizing the customer experience.
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Giving you a wide range of features that adds value to your business, E-Services enables a streamlined approach for users. Each crucial
company activity is identified with a corresponding service to choose from.
Creating/Editing an eService
Publishing an eService for applicants to apply
Settings for each eService
Configurable workflow and approvers.
Configurable forms
Version management and comparison
Document Management
Applicants’ registration
Multi-factor authentication
Apply for an eService
Track your request and converse with approvers
Actions to approve/reject/send back the application for approvers
Audit Log
Approval History
Service request completion and acknowledgement
Email notification.
Responsive in Web/Mobile browsers
Dashboard with various KPIs

Highlights of Using E-services

Configurable Workflows for Your Business

Every business has its unique way of functioning. From simple processes to multi-layered ones, design workflows that are responsive to each function.

User Registration and Authentication

With the rise in identity thefts and cyber-attacks, build a user authentication interface that is easy to register yet secures your credentials.

Dynamic Service Catalog

Since a company provides for an extensive list of services, it is key to ensure that the services can be customized to create a collaborative atmosphere.


Configurability -Your Business & Rules

Efficiency Unleashed

Scalability with Confidence

User Satisfaction at Its Zenith

Use Cases and Adaptability

The E-Service web responsive solution is built to accommodate a variety of industries. Its customizable features take into consideration the user experience which proves to be unique to each company.
The manufacturing industry extends an innovative and progressive supply of products to consumers. Utilizing the Service platform, equipment maintenance requests, production workflows and supply chain approvals can be automated and revolutionized.
Health service is often complex in nature due to its tedious process. Patient appointment scheduling, prescription requests and medical service approvals are better managed using the eService solution.
Money has a compounding effect on the revenue of a business. The E-service portal automates important finance functions such as expense approvals, budget requests and financial reports. Smooth running of monetary operations reflects a well-planned fiscal budget and forecast.
Human Resources
Seeking the right candidates can be quite tiresome and manual. The E-Service solution streamlines human resource operations such as onboarding, performance reviews, leave requests while providing a wholesome experience.
Impeccable customer service is the primal focus of today’s business ecosystem. With the E-Service portal acting as an adaptable hub, scale your company profits to exponential heights. Choose our integrative E-Service application that builds tailored
workflows apt for an enhanced customer experience.

Reach out to discuss your vision, and let's embark on this transformative low-code journey together.

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