Incident Reporting

An incident reporting app empowers organizations to efficiently report, track, and resolve incidents, enhancing consumer satisfaction and internal issue resolution.
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The client aimed to create a mobile app for efficient incident reporting and management, involving department allocation, specialist response, and streamlined communication.

Essential Features:

  1. Report Incidents
  2. GPS & Photo Integration
  3. Admin Notifications
  4. Departmental Routing
  5. Export Reports

Proposed Solutions

  • On-Prem Native App: Developed using OutSystems platform for seamless performance and integration.
  • Enhanced Integration: Novigo integrated the app with existing systems (E-business, CAS) via APIs for cohesive data flow.
  • Centralized Data Management: Utilized OutSystems Database for efficient incident storage and retrieval.
  • User-friendly Interface: Facilitated easy service request submission and status tracking.
  • Effortless Documentation: Enabled users to download PDF reports post-submission for comprehensive records.
  • Location Services: Google Maps integration aided precise incident location identification.
  • Document Upload: Allowed users to attach supporting documents for comprehensive incident reporting.
  • Real-time Notifications: Configured email notifications to ensure timely communication.

Outcome:The incident reporting app streamlined incident handling, promoting faster response, improved communication among departments, and enhanced user experience. Consumer complaints and internal issues were efficiently resolved, bolstering organizational efficiency and stakeholder satisfaction.

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