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B2B user journey offers a futuristic and simplistic approach to process Home & Travel insurance transactions in an easy single-page-view to assist the user in decision making and presenting the overall journey with a great experience to create a quote/policy.
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In the dynamic landscape of insurance, our client aimed to revolutionize the B2B insurance journey. Focusing on Home and Travel insurance transactions, the goal was to simplify the process, infuse insights for decision-making, and ensure a seamless user experience while creating quotes and policies.

Proposed Solutions

The proposed OutSystems-based E-platform comprised two major segments - Home Insurance and Travel Insurance.

Implementation Highlights:

  1. User Interface Overhaul:

         • Login, Dashboard, Search, and Quote creation screens redesigned for intuitive use.

         • Quotation summary and comparison facilitated easier decision-making.

         • Chat functionality introduced for instant assistance.

     2. Enhanced Features:

         • Streamlined quote creation and editing processes for efficiency.

         • Copy and reject options for seamless quote management.

          • Referral system integrated to enhance user engagement.

          • Detailed product offerings and endorsement handling improved policy customization.

         • Activities and promo codes introduced to drive user participation.

       3. Efficient Backend:

          • Legacy Oracle database integrated with the new system using OutSystems.

         • Agile methodology and weekly sprints ensured gradual implementation and feedback incorporation.

         • Robust testing strategies including UATs post each Line of Business (LOB) completion.

         • Comprehensive warranty phase to address post-deployment issues.

Results:The modernized B2B insurance system transformed the user experience, boosting efficiency, engagement, and decision-making. The OutSystems-based E-platform provided a seamless and intuitive interface for insurance transactions, resulting in increased user satisfaction. The migration from the outdated technology stack to a more agile and user-centric platform enabled the client to adapt to changing market demands efficiently.

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