Multi-Level Approval System

The project aimed to streamline the approval process for risk assessment and eligibility determination, enabling users to define approval requirements based on risk categories and finance types. The solution incorporated role-based approval hierarchies, customizable approval remarks, and a status trail for efficient tracking.
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To enhance the manual approval process by automating it through a user-friendly and flexible platform.


  1. Designing a flexible system to accommodate different risk categories and finance types.
  2. Creating a dynamic approval hierarchy that adapts to various scenarios.
  3. Enabling approvers to provide feedback and comments during the approval process.
  4. Implementing a clear status trail to monitor approval progress.


Proposed Solutions

A reusable component was developed using OutSystems to address the challenges:

  1. Customizable Approval Requirements: Users can specify whether approval is required for specific risk categories in the risk assessment and eligibility engine.
  2. Role-Based Approval Hierarchy: A role-based hierarchy is established for each risk category and finance type combination, ensuring the appropriate approvers are involved.
  3. Approval Remarks: Approvers can add remarks while approving or rejecting requests, facilitating effective communication and decision-making.
  4. Status Trail: The system maintains a status trail that displays the history of approvals, rejections, and remarks, providing transparency and accountability.

Tools Used:

  • OutSystems
  • SQL Database

Results: The multi-level approval system transformed the approval process, leading to improved efficiency, accuracy, and transparency. The system's user-friendly interface, combined with the ability to track approval history and gather feedback, has significantly streamlined their risk assessment and eligibility determination processes.


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