Project Allocation System

A multi-tenant system managing organization’s employees’ allocations, track allocation history, billability and generate various reports regarding the allocation of resources.
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The client faced challenges in managing resource allocation, project tracking, and generating relevant reports. Manual processes led to inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and lack of real-time insights into project and resource management.

Proposed Solutions

The proposed solution was to implement a Project Allocation System using OutSystems technology, offering flexibility for future upgrades. The system incorporated 8 distinct user roles for efficient management and customization:

  1. Super Admin: Responsible for creating and managing tenants and companies, as well as assigning tenant admins.
  2. Tenant Admin: Able to configure company-level settings, add locations, business unit heads, and manage various company-level configurations.
  3. Human Resource Person: Empowered to add employees and allocate them to business units, with the provision to import employee data from Excel.
  4. Sales Person: Authorized to upload Purchase Order (PO) documents.
  5. PO-Coordinator: Capable of creating Purchase Orders, linking them to PO documents, and generating payment milestones based on project type.
  6. Finance User: Enabled to change milestone status, extend milestones, and receive reminders regarding milestone end dates.
  7. Business Unit Head: Equipped to view business unit-level data, add client information, create projects, allocate resources, track billability, and generate specific reports.
  8. Project Manager: Responsible for allocating and re-allocating resources, accessing static projects, generating reports, and overseeing project milestones.

Implementation: The system was designed to provide seamless collaboration between different roles. It allowed tenant admins to configure company-level settings and maintain master data. HR personnel could add employees and import data from Excel. Sales and PO coordinators managed purchase orders and payment milestones, while finance users monitored milestone statuses and extensions.

Business unit heads oversaw project details, resource allocation, and billability tracking. They generated various reports, including Active Projects, All Employees, Bench and Billable, Employee Summary, Client, and Resource Allocation reports. Project managers allocated resources, monitored milestones, and accessed Active Projects, Bench and Non-Billable reports, and Employee Summary reports. They also received daily production reports.

Features and Benefits:

  • Role-based Access: Each user role had specific privileges and functionalities, ensuring efficient resource allocation and project management.
  • Custom Configurations: Tenant admins could customize company-level settings, permissions, project codes, and email configurations.
  • Real-time Reporting: Business unit heads, project managers, and other roles could generate various reports for better decision-making.
  • Email Notifications: Automated emails were sent to relevant parties upon resource allocation, re-allocation, and milestone updates.
  • Logs and Auditing: The system maintained logs for critical scenarios, enhancing transparency and accountability.
  • Scheduled Reports: Employee Summary and Bench Employee Reports were automatically emailed to CORP resource managers on a weekly basis.
  • Dashboard: A comprehensive dashboard offered a visual representation of project milestone statuses, active projects, and quick resource search functionality.

Conclusion: The Project Allocation System developed using OutSystems successfully streamlined resource allocation, project management, and reporting processes for the client. The distinct user roles, customizable configurations, real-time reporting, and automation enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration across the organization.

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