Recruitment Management System

In a dynamic talent acquisition landscape, a comprehensive Recruitment Management System was sought to facilitate every step of recruitment, from project-driven demand to candidate onboarding.
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An application was required to handle the Interview Management Systems/ Recruitment Systems to fulfil the entire recruitment process starting from the demand generated by the PMs/Hiring Manger for their respective projects, scheduling interviews, conducting interviews, and providing job offer to the candidates.

Proposed Solutions

It provides several features that make the recruitment process more efficient and effective. Here are some of the key features of RMS:

Job Posting

RMS allows recruiters to post job openings on different job portals, social media platforms, and the company website with just a few clicks. This feature helps to increase the visibility of job postings and attract a larger pool of applicants.

Applicant Tracking

The applicant tracking feature allows recruiters to manage and organize applicant data in a centralized database. It enables recruiters to track and monitor applicant progress, schedule interviews, and communicate with candidates.

Interview Scheduling

The interview scheduling feature allows recruiters to schedule interviews with candidates and send automated interview reminders. This feature helps to reduce the administrative burden of scheduling interviews and ensures that candidates show up for interviews.

Assessment Tests

RMS allows recruiters to create and administer online assessment tests to evaluate candidates' skills and abilities. This feature helps to identify the most qualified candidates and streamline the selection process.

Background Checks

The background check feature allows recruiters to perform background checks on selected candidates to verify their work experience, education, and criminal history. This feature helps to ensure that the organization hires candidates with a good track record.

Reporting and Analytics

RMS provides real-time reporting and analytics on the recruitment process. It allows recruiters to track key recruitment metrics such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and applicant source. This feature helps to identify areas for improvement and optimize the recruitment process.

Overall, Recruitment Management System provides a suite of features that simplify and automate the recruitment process, improve data management, and help recruiters make informed hiring decisions.

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