Risk Assessment & Eligibility Engine

The Risk Assessment & Eligibility Engine project aimed to develop a reusable component for supporting the risk assessment module within banking applications. The solution includes a configurable back-office setup that enables users to define, manage, and apply risk assessment criteria and rules to evaluate credit risk and customer eligibility.
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Banks often struggle with accurate risk assessment and eligibility determination for their customers. Manual processes lead to inefficiencies and inconsistent results.  

Proposed Solutions

A web-based Risk Assessment & Eligibility Engine was created with the following key features:

  1. Master Data Setup: Admins can establish definition types (e.g., Finance Type, Employment, Country) with predefined values (e.g., Home Loan, Vehicle Loan) to build a structured data foundation.
  2. Finance Configuration: Admins can set up finance configuration types (e.g., Loan Amount) with predefined acceptance criteria against finance variables (e.g., Minimum and Maximum Loan Amount).
  3. Risk Category: Admins can link risk categories to finance types, implementing logic for overall score valuation, thus identifying risk levels like High Risk based on defined thresholds.
  4. Risk Assessment Criteria & Rules: Admins can define risk assessment criteria (e.g., Age) against finance types and set scoring rules (e.g., Age < 30 gets a score of 150).
  5. Risk Assessment Form: Users can generate risk assessment forms based on finance types, criteria, and predefined variables. The system computes eligibility and scores based on user inputs.

Tools Used:

  • OutSystems: We harnessed the power of the OutSystems platform to facilitate rapid and efficient application development, ensuring seamless user experiences.
  • SQL Database: To ensure data integrity and effective management, we employed an SQL database to store and retrieve various configurations, criteria, and assessment results.


  1. Efficiency: Automation streamlines risk assessment, reducing manual errors and inconsistencies.
  2. Precision: The engine evaluates credit risk and eligibility with predefined rules and criteria, ensuring accuracy.
  3. Configurability: The back-office setup empowers banks to adapt the system to their specific needs, ensuring compliance and relevancy.
  4. Time-to-Market: Leveraging OutSystems, development was expedited, allowing the bank to implement the engine quickly.
  5. Scalability: The modular architecture ensures the solution can be scaled as the bank's customer base grows.

Outcome:The Risk Assessment & Eligibility Engine significantly improved risk assessment and eligibility determination for the bank's customers. The automation and configurability of the system enhanced decision-making processes, leading to more accurate and consistent outcomes. The solution's flexibility allowed the bank to adapt to changing regulations and market conditions swiftly.

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