Unified Approval System

In today's complex business landscape, diverse systems and applications generate a multitude of approval requests. Our client, a forward-thinking organization, recognized the need to streamline their approval processes across different platforms such as ERP/Oracle, Share Point, and Help desk/IT support. The challenge lay in unifying these requests under a single roof to expedite approvals, reduce bottlenecks, and enhance operational efficiency.
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The client faced inefficiencies in handling approval requests originating from disparate systems. The absence of a centralized solution resulted in delayed responses, confusion, and operational inefficiencies. There was a critical need to develop a unified approval management system that would streamline and simplify the approval process.

Proposed Solutions

To address the challenge, we designed and implemented a robust Unified Approval System. Key features include:

  1. Centralized Portal: A web-based portal accessible to company superiors and concerned authorities, facilitating approval request management from different systems.
  2. Multi-System Integration: Integration with ERP/Oracle, Share Point, and Help desk/IT support systems, enabling seamless request consolidation.
  3. Authentication: Users can log in using Microsoft accounts or their organization credentials, ensuring secure access.
  4. Dashboard Overview: Upon logging in, supervisors are greeted with a dashboard displaying request summaries for the past five days. Requests are categorized as Pending, Approved, or Rejected.
  5. Detailed View and Action: Supervisors can select individual approval requests, view essential request information from their subordinates, and proceed to approve or reject with accompanying notes.
  6. Profile Management: Users can conveniently manage their profiles, enhancing user experience and personalization.

Tools Utilized: To execute this ambitious project, we leveraged the following technologies:

  • OutSystems: Rapid application development platform for creating feature-rich web applications efficiently.
  • Azure Active Directory: Authentication and access management, ensuring secure and controlled user access.
  • REST API (SharePoint): Integration with SharePoint for seamless data exchange and retrieval.

Outcome: The implementation of the Unified Approval System yielded significant benefits:

  • Efficiency Enhancement: Supervisors gained a unified platform to approve requests from different systems, eliminating the need to navigate multiple interfaces.
  • Operational Streamlining: With a centralized solution, the organization experienced reduced approval delays, leading to smoother operations.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Supervisors found it easy to access and manage requests, leading to improved job satisfaction.
  • Operational Transparency: The system provided clear visibility into request statuses, reducing confusion and miscommunication.

In conclusion, our Unified Approval System not only simplified approval processes but also contributed to organizational efficiency and transparency. By consolidating request management across diverse systems, the client achieved smoother operations and empowered their supervisors to make timely and informed decisions.

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