Modernize Programming with High-Performance Low-code using OutSystems

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What you’ll learn

Go Back in Programming History and Growth Journey
Download and setup an OutSystems Service Studio
Build reactive web applications with great usability and interactions
Add any back-end feature like, integrations, data and logic
Control the application authentication and authorization
Apply User Experience to your applications
Learn how to design layered OutSystems architectures
Reuse OutSystems Components and your code as well in multiple applications
Programming is no longer limited to professional developers; it is now available to everyone. Creativity has become the basis for building systems and applications, rather than wasting time and efforts between complex code lines.  

The book Professionalize the Future Programming Using OutSystems is the first Arab reference for Low-code development using OutSystems platform. The book came in three parts that take the reader from the stage of getting-to-know the platform till mastering the programming in a short time.  

The book is based on applied training using simple examples that take the reader on an enjoyable experience towards excellence and professionalism.
About the Author
Mohammed T. Abulhaija
Mohammed T. Abulhaija
Mohammed T. Abulhaija, an experienced professional with a proven track record of success in the technology industry. Proven ability to lead and manage teams, develop and execute strategies, and deliver values. He is a highly motivated and experienced leader skilled in Agile, Digital Transformation, Product Management & Problem Solving.  

Mohammed believes that everyone should have access to quality education, and he is committed to helping others learn and grow.

Reach out to discuss your vision, and let's embark on this transformative low-code journey together.

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